How to Throw an Awesome Space-Themed Party for Adults

Are you planning a party? Whether it’s an office party for your nerdy colleagues or a birthday party for an astronomy lover, a space-themed party can be lots of fun.

Here’s how to throw a space-themed party for adults that doesn’t turn out looking like a 10-year old’s birthday party.

  • Make it clear from the start:- Ensure everyone coming to the party understands the theme of the party by making it clear right from the invitations. Send out messages in a space theme. A simple design with rockets, constellations, or even an alien would be a great way to create interest in the upcoming party. Be sure to mention what the theme of the party is too.
  • Look the part:- It is essential for the success of the party. If you’re going to have fun at the party, everyone needs to be in the spirit of the party. It means getting down with the theme of the party. One of the best ways to do this is by having everyone come in fancy dress for the party. It could be as simple as a NASA themed cap or an intricate DIY astronaut costume.

  • Set the mood:- For a successful space-themed party, your space should look like space. Invest in some outer space theme decorations that will allow you to decorate the area uniquely and creatively. Some great ideas include speckled balloons, astronaut blow-up figures, space-themed banners, and much more. You could also choose to DIY some decorations for the party. Make a few stars and cut out some aliens from good old construction paper as part of getting everyone in the spirit of the party. You can take your theme further by adding some space-themed décor pieces. A string of lights that you can arrange in the shape of a well-known constellation or covering the buffet table with a constellation table cloth is a great way to achieve a space theme.
  • Get a space cake:- What’s a party without a cake? Your party won’t be complete without a space-themed cake. Any flavor of cake will do for this party. You simply need to select one that most people attending the party prefer. Ensure that the cake gets decorated for the theme of the party, which is space. Some cake decorating ideas include adding planet shaped décor to the cake or making the cake in the shape of a rocket.

  • Space-themed games:- While you can’t create a zero-gravity environment in the space that you’re throwing the party, you can do the next best thing, simulate space through space-themed games. These could be as simple as a DIY obstacle course that party-goers have to navigate through, or you can purchase space-themed party games. With a little imagination, you can turn any game into a space-themed game. For example, give the winner of the game space-themed party favors such as astronaut accessories.
  • Consider the details:- When planning a space-themed party for adults, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the small things. The little things can make a big difference in achieving your theme and making your party come together. For example, you can make it unmistakable by getting space-themed paper cups, plates, and napkins. Take the style even further by serving space-themed treats such as fruit loops, which look like the rings of Saturn or milky ways or galaxy chocolates.

A space-themed party can work just as well for adults as it would for kids. The tips above ought to get your creative juices flowing as you plan your party.