Unknown Facts of Sex Toys that you Must Know

If you are an adventurous woman and a true explorer then you keep looking forward to new discoveries in your sex life too. Aesthetically it is a journey and also a great getaway for many men and women. But people are not aware of unknown facts of sex toys when they have become a common use for woman and man.

Some unknown facts:- The first dildo was discovered in German Cave. It was 30,000 years ago. An ancient Greeks used dildo breadsticks in 400 B.C. The first Beste Koop vibrator was invented by The Tremoussior in France in 1734. The first electric vibrator was discovered by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville. It was used for relaxing muscle aching and used as a massager. The weight of this instrument is near about 40 pounds and it was operated by two people. “Vibrators” were used for the first time to cure “Anxiety, nervousness, irritation, erotic fantasies, hysteria, and sleeplessness”. Physicians cured “hysteria” by putting oils as lubricants and massaging woman’s genital areas before the climax.

More facts on sex toys:- The world’s first vibrator was invented by Hamilton Beach in 1902. It was the first domestic machine after sewing machine, electric kettle, toaster, and electric fan. It was used as massagers in the early 80s in many countries like Europe and America. It was used first in 1920 making pornographic films commercially. Sex toys are illegal in India. Funny fact is that it is even outlawed to have more than six dildos in Texas. 52.5% of women used vibrators before and one of three American women buy the vibrator Kopen. Women who are a regular vibrator user, scores higher than any non-user sex toy female on the Female Sexual Function Index Scale. Scientific study says, a woman who constantly uses vibrator and dildo, are more concerned about their vaginal health.

Index - Prostaat Stimulator

What study says about sex toy users?

In 2011, during a study, it was shown that 50% of a woman gave a positive review on sex toys when 10 % of women ended with negative feedbacks. 37% of a woman believed that men felt intimidated by a woman who uses vibrators but 70% of men are comfortable with sex study according to the same study. 83.3% of sex toy users kopen it for vaginal orgasm and more than 64% of users prefer dildos and strap on vibrators. Sex toy sales get usually increase during Valentine’s Day. The most sex toys are purchased in three states- South Virginia, South Dakota and Idaho. The three most kopen sex toys are vibrator 19.2 %, dildo 16% and lubricants 14%. The most expensive sex toy is a gold vibrator that is embedded with 117 diamonds. Bondage kopen was allegedly increased when “Fifty shades of Grey” became popular.


Regular use of Sex toys:- Right choosing and buying sex toys are not always the last things. It is also important to know how to use it and clean it. Surprisingly, there is no clear instruction about how anyone can clean them. But it is an important practice when a woman is a regular user of a sex toy. Firstly, you have to know sex toys are used in the most sensitive parts of a woman’s and man’s body. Vaginal infection can occur when sex toys come into contact with sensitive skin. Bacteria are no longer generated in those areas when orgasm fluids come into contact with sex toy materials. Harmful bacteria can quickly multiply and that can cause vaginal infection. It is important to clean sex toys after using them every time. To avoid bacterial and fungus infection, you must take good care of sex toys after using it.

Cleaning process of sex toy:- When you can kopen an expensive sex toy, you must invest some money on antibacterial cleanser to remove fluids and bacterial germs from your toy. These cleansers should be strong enough to kill all germs after using the toy. All toys must be cleaned even it is applicable for those toys which are not used directly on the vagina. Dildo kopen and vibrators can also be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. But you should check the pH balance of the soap as it would be harmful to your vagina. If you are using silicone, read the instruction thoroughly as some silicone sex toy can be cleaned with a dishwasher and some can be in boiling water. These are the basic hygiene story to clean your sex toy.