Travel to Mongolia While Enjoying Horse Riding

Horse riding is a unique experience that you should not miss when in Mongolia. The country’s endless horizons and wild landscapes provide excellent opportunities to explore western Mongolia horse trek. Mongolia’s horses are a unique species, too, and there is nothing else like them in the world. Despite their short and stocky build, Mongolian horses are strong and have excellent stamina, allowing them to gallop 10km without stopping. Mongolian horses have robust hooves, so not all of them are fitted with horseshoes.

It is better to book a horse-riding adventure with a Mongolia travel specialist company. This way, you can be sure that your itinerary will be based on the company’s experience and local knowledge, and with your needs and safety in mind. Western Mongolia horse trek can be arranged as a private or group tour or as part of a custom tour for you and your party. They let you explore diverse and spectacular scenery-with hidden trails and classic routes covered. You have the option to choose either a long or a short trip.

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Reputable Mongolia travel companies arrange horse treks with the help of trustworthy wranglers from nomadic local herdsmen. The horses are sourced locally, too. Both wranglers and horses are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and variety of horses based on temperament, speed, stamina, and size. Wranglers are chosen based on their knowledge of the area, horsemanship, animal welfare, enthusiasm, professionalism, and their ability to care for you and guide you through the trek.

Protective covering and adjustable stirrup straps are equipped with the saddles to ensure comfort for both you and the horse. Local stylized stirrups and wide girth straps add more character to the experience while ensuring safety for riders. Locally made felt pads are secured underneath the saddle for comfort and support. The golden eagle festival is also very popular with being preferred by tourists who want a more genuine experience.

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Remote expeditions may not have vehicle support, but packhorses are provided to carry equipment and other provisions. Reputable Mongolia travel companies provide the golden eagle festival. You will be provided with strong saddlebags, waterproof duffle-style bags, sleeping bags, and rest mats. High-quality rest mats and tents are also on hand, as well as a dining tent so you can be comfortable even when out in the wilderness. A cook will be arranged to accompany you, too, so you do not have to worry about going hungry.