Be A Gentleman Inside And Out

Despite pop culture trends, being a gentleman is still desirable and your appearance goes a long way in setting you apart as a gentleman.

While vanity is not an attractive trait in men (or women for that matter), looking good is. Even if you don’t place much value on how you look, others will. You only get one chance to make a first impression on people. People often make subconscious decisions on how to approach you based on your appearance. Quite often, their opinions change after getting to know the person better. However, that first impression sets the foundation for the relationship.

Looks do matter

While the phrase ‘looks don’t matter’ is popular today, the reality is that they do matter a lot. Your appearance sets the stage for connections and relationships. It can make or break your career. It can help you establish or miss out on meaningful connections.


Your appearance also affects how you feel about yourself. Refer to any self-help book or guru. They’ll tell you that dressing the part is an important step to achieving success. Dressing well and good grooming is important for boosting your confidence. It’s investing in yourself and letting yourself know that you’re worth the effort.

Finding balance between self-care and vanity

Some men take the idea of looking sharp to the extreme and spend their savings on expensive clothes and grooming products. However, you don’t have to go down this road in order to look your best. The best men’s grooming products aren’t always the most expensive ones. You can get great quality shampoos and shaving creams at affordable prices.

Your grooming process also doesn’t have to be very involving. A simple grooming routine that covers the basics including taking a bath, shaving your beard, shampooing and styling your hair will ensure you look and smell good. Keep your routine simple to avoid spending too much on products too.

It’s also important to note that expensive clothes aren’t the hallmark of a gentleman. You can achieve a dapper look with affordable clothes. The most important thing is to ensure a good style and the right fit. It’s also important to be comfortable in what you wear. Avoid trying to keep up with the latest trends.

If you can afford to, it’s ok to splurge on a few luxury items that contribute to helping you achieve the look you’re after. For example, a men’s luxury silk scarf may not seem like much, but it can completely transform an ordinary outfit into a dapper and stylish ensemble.


The world needs more gentlemen

This is a pivotal time in the world’s history. Too many men today are growing up without strong male figures in their lives. They don’t have a manly foundation. They don’t know how to act or dress like gentlemen. Now is a great time to take up the mantle and be a gentleman from the inside out. Visit Mess of Blues to discover a wide range of grooming products and accessories that will help you achieve that dapper look. Now is the time to be the gentleman you’ve always wanted to be.