Shopping for Engagement Rings Online and Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

So you are getting ready to be married. Congratulations! During this special time, you will be busy planning for your wedding, which may include shopping for engagement rings online.

To help you with your shopping, we wanted to give you some important online shopping advice for such an important item:

First, you may wonder if it is safe to buy an engagement ring online. If you are buying from a trusted jeweller, you have nothing to worry about. All reputable jewellers’ most valuable commodity is their reputation.

That is why your online jeweller will provide a gemologist’s certificate with your engagement ring. This might not happen with an online auction or a small dealer you never heard of. But wherever you buy your ring online, it is a wise practice to take it to a third party jeweller in town and have an appraisal done.

Also, a reputable jeweller will provide insurance for your ring. They should be sent by FedEx or UPS with insurance, tracking, and signature required. Good jewellers online all have an excellent track record of shipping diamond rings all over the world.

If you are thinking about buying a platinum diamond wedding band for your loved one, this is a very special wedding band that she will treasure forever.

One thing that makes it so special is it is made from platinum, one of the most expensive metals in the world. Good things about platinum is it is hypoallergenic and is more durable than less expensive white gold. However, be aware that platinum can become dull and scratched over the years.

Your diamond wedding ring can have a variety of settings, from pave to prong to bezel. An eternity band, with diamonds all around the band, are also popular today.

If you intend to pair the band with an engagement ring, it is smart to match the metal and style as much as you can.

The number of diamonds on the wedding band is a matter of personal choice. Some women want the extra sparkle on the wedding ring, but others want the attention on the engagement ring.

Regardless of the type of ring you buy, it is important to verify they are constructed of high-quality materials. Consider these three vital aspects when you are shopping for your wedding bands: the precious metal used, the diamonds, and the quality of settings.

As you are buying a platinum ring, make sure your jeweler provides you with some kind of verification that the metal is what they say it is.

Regarding the diamonds on a wedding band, they are not nearly as large as the center stone on an engagement ring. This means the diamonds are too small to be graded; the cost and time of doing this process for each small diamond would make the ring too expensive for most people. For instance, certifying 14 diamonds in an eternity band would cost several hundred pounds by itself.

That is why it is important to buy your wedding bands from reputable diamond ring dealers. In a wedding band, a lot of what you buy is style and craftsmanship. The way the band was made and how well the stones were set affects the quality and beauty of the ring.

Overall, when you look at the diamonds in the bands, check for how brilliant they are, meaning how much they sparkle and reflect white light. Brilliance is the main thing to look for when reviewing smaller diamond quality.

Now you understand better how to shop for engagement rings and platinum diamond rings, so you are sure to make a purchase that will delight your partner.