Learn All About Micro Rings with a Detailed Guide

Hair extensions have come to mean big business for any hair stylist. Women today want to achieve more with their hair without damaging their natural hair. Many others want to achieve styles that they wouldn’t be able to achieve with just their natural hair. Hair extensions offer women the opportunity to achieve length and volume in the shortest time possible. They can change their looks without worrying about the effects on their natural hair.

Hair extensions have been around for many years. However, trends, technology, and techniques have changed over the years. There are now various methods of applying for hair extensions. Micro ring hair extensions are emerging as a popular choice amongst women today.

This method of applying extensions involves the use of very small rings that are used to attach the extension to your hair. The ring is clamped down on your hair and the extension. The rings feature a silicone lining on the inside surface that helps to protect and strengthen the bond while preventing damage to the natural hair.

If you’re a hairstylist, keeping up with the latest trends is vital for ensuring your business remains profitable in the long term. However, taking time off to attend courses to learn new skills may not be feasible for you. This is where the House of Hair UK’s solution comes in handy.

The House of Hair supports stylists by providing them with flexible ways to learn new skills. They offer a wide variety of resources and courses for hair extension techniques including many of the latest braidless weave hair extensions. Their Micro Rings E-Book offers stylists a comprehensive guide to learn a new skill at their own pace without compromising their current source of income.

The book is a detailed step-by-step guide for installing, maintaining, and removing micro ring hair extensions. Written by professional stylists, the book offers insight into how to achieve the best results with micro rings. It goes into details of how to match texture and color, sectioning hair extensions, and applying them to part of or the entire head. You will also learn about the tools and equipment you will need to install the extensions, how to maintain the extensions and how to remove them. There are images accompanying every single step.

The book goes beyond teaching you the techniques of installing and caring for micro rings. It also ensures that you are able to answer common client questions and provide your clients with guidance on how they can care for their extensions for the best results. The book is designed with business owners in mind. It therefore also provides information on how to set goals for your business and therefore ensure you actually take the steps to turn your skills into money.

If you’re a stylist and are looking for innovative ways to meet the needs of current customers and attract new customers, consider investing in the Ebook by House of Hair UK. It will surely pay off.