Everything You Need to Throw an Elegant Tea Party

Having an afternoon tea party was common in the early 1900s, but not so much today. Tea parties are something that are thought to be reserved for little girls and their dolls. However, if you and your friends enjoy a good cup of tea, what’s holding you back from having an elegant afternoon tea party of your own?

A tea party is a great way to shake things up and reconnect with friends in this digital age. It’s easy to host a tea party too. You get to serve tea in style accompanied by some of your favorite finger foods. What’s not to like.

The basic tea party kit: Cake stands, flat plates for sandwiches, and elegant napkins are great to have for a tea party. However, you can’t have an elegant afternoon tea party without the basic tea party kit. We mean teacups, a teapot, sugar bowls, and cutlery. These are what will set your tea party apart from any regular get-together.

Sana’s Sets is a great online store for tea sets. The store stocks unique tea sets featuring varying designs. Whether you’re looking for a single silver plated teapot or a complete tea set with matching cups, saucers, and teapots, you will find a wide variety to choose from on the site. The items are available at competitive prices. You won’t have to break the bank in order to achieve that fairy tale afternoon.

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Go all out and impress your guests with a gold plated teapot. Add matching gold vintage teaspoons and a gold snack bowl to complete the theme. The items on the site are not only practical but also elegant in design. They are the perfect utensils to help you create a whimsical atmosphere for your afternoon tea.

Putting it all together: Now that you have the basic kit, it’s important to provide your guests with the perfect cup of tea. The best approach to take with a tea party is to offer your guests various options. Present them with a variety of teas such as peppermint, chai, Earl Grey as well as the classic English breakfast tea. If the weather is especially warm, you should also present them with options for iced tea. Iced tea can be quite refreshing on a hot afternoon in the summer.

Small Gold Color Zinc Casting Dallah

It is also important to present your guests with a variety of finger foods to accompany the tea. Sandwiches and cake are the gold standards for afternoon teas. However, you can also add in other pastries such as pies and scones for greater variety. These should be in small sizes that allow for easy handling. Your guests shouldn’t need to take too many bites out of a single pastry to finish it. Tea parties are all about the tea and sampling a few treats.

Preparing for a tea party requires minimal effort once you have the necessary tools. Be sure to keep the tips above in mind when planning your next tea party.