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Dancing Pearl Gold Necklace: This 14k gold vermeil necklace features freshwater pearls and is 17 inches long. The designer has effectively blended the grace and elegance of a golden era with a modern aesthetic to create amazing jewelry that is timeless and unique. This necklace is both feminine and soft and is sure to please the wearer.

Clarissa Gold Necklace: This is a 14k gold vermeil, crystal quartz necklace that is 16 inches with a two-inch extension to make it a possible 18 inches. If you desire a semi precious stone necklace, we also have some great options for you:

Diamond Drops Necklace

Multi-Gemstone Necklace: This beautiful and unique necklace defines Bohemian chic as it features the timeless luxury and beauty of our Spirit collection. The designer has drawn on beautiful natural gemstones for his inspiration. The colorful stones include green, blue, and white onyx, carnelian, and pink and blue chalcedony. 

Short Black Onyx Flower Necklace: The designer has effortlessly blended the grace and elegance of a Golden Time with the modern aesthetic of today. This is a sophisticated and feminine necklace that has been carefully handset in sterling silver and features a flower charm made of crystal quartz. As you can see, you have many beautiful necklaces from which to choose at Now, here are some important tips to consider when choosing a necklace to wear:

Topaz Pearl Medallion Necklace

Think about the occasion: You should always consider the event or occasion when you choose which of our necklaces to wear. You do not want a necklace that is too fancy for a job interview. For a fancy night out, select a necklace that is not too loud or gaudy.

See if it complements your outfit: When you want to match a necklace to your clothes, you do not want something that clashes because it is a very different color. When you are selecting one of our pendants or chains to wear, try to keep it similar to your clothing color. 

Think about the other jewelry you will wear: If you want to wear earrings with one of our necklaces, it is vital to match or complement them.

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