Is Your Makeup Harming You? Make Healthy Makeup Choices

Did you know that cosmetics do not need FDA approval for anything other than color additives? While many consumers want this changed, it has not changed yet. This is not to say there are no laws governing the sale of cosmetics; there are some. If a cosmetic is known to be dangerous, it will not be approved for the market. However, there are ways that bad cosmetics can end up on the market and harm your body.

How can harmful cosmetics find their way into your makeup bag?

  • Consumers don’t read the label or don’t know what to look for.
  • Not knowing where your makeup comes from – If you are buying something that is extremely cheap, rethink your decision.
  • You don’t know where your makeup comes from or the company stance on harmful chemicals or producing ethical makeup. For example, if you choose something like Alima Pure Eyeshadow or 100 Percent Pure lipstick over a bargain eye pallete or lipstick, you will feel better knowing that you’ve chosen something with safe ingredients.

Not long ago, there was a shocking case of a well-known store selling children’s makeup that contained asbestos. Do some research about a company before you purchase their cosmetics. Not every company is ethical.

How can the chemicals found in makeup harm you?

There are several ways that certain chemicals can get into your body.

  1. Some chemicals are inhaled and get into the bloodstream.
  2. Lipsticks and lip balms are ingested into the body. Always look for 100 Percent Pure lipstick to avoid ingesting dangerous chemicals.
  3. Foundations and eye shadows pass through the skin; as they are absorbed, they enter the bloodstream or lymph nodes. Again, this is why choosing something like Alima Pure Eyeshadow helps to keep you safe.

Health Issues Caused by Makeup Chemicals:

  • Chemicals found in makeup are linked to fetal development issues. It’s especially important to avoid these chemicals during pregnancy. Organ and neurological development can be affected by some of these chemicals.
  • Certain types of cancers, such as breast cancer, are linked to chemicals that are commonly used in makeup production.
  • Hormone regulation problems may also arise due to chemicals found in some makeup brands.

Be a smart consumer and learn more about the makeup brands that you buy. Choose safe products such as mineral make up that gives you the same great look, without the harmful chemicals. Read and learn about a product’s ingredients and remember that whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body.