How to Shop for Candles to Give as Gifts

Candles make excellent gifts for both ladies and men; they are an excellent choice for all occasions. If you are under the impression that candles are the easy way out when it comes to gifting, you are mistaken. There is a lot more that goes into buying a candle as a gift if you want the gift to make a good impression and feel well thought out.

Type of Wax:

The type of wax used in the making of the candle matters. While shopping for candles, look for soy.

  • Soy burns slower, so the candles last longer.
  • Soy burns cleaner, so less soot is emitted from the candle.

Favorite Scents:

When it comes to personalized scented candles, the scent is important. Take the time to find out the favorite scent category for the gift recipient. There are a few common categories for candle scents.

  • Floral
  • Food
  • Holiday
  • Woodsy
  • Beach scents

A person may love one category of aroma scented candles and dislike another. Take the time to find out.

Make it Personal:

There are ways to make your gift a lot more personal.

  • Have names added to the label; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and so on are a few ideas.
  • Sentiments such as relax, love, calm, and happiness work well.
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, or I love you, are great too.

The above are a few thoughts for making candles more personal. When you take the time to order a personalized candle, recipients instantly know that you took time to truly think about them. They know that their gift was not something picked up from the local department store at the last minute.

Add-on Ideas:

  • Place the candle or candles in a pretty bag along with a candle lighter. Use tissue paper and a bow to add a finishing touch to the gift.
  • A candle snuffer to put the flame out when you’ve finished enjoying your candle for the day is another excellent add-on.
  • Buy a wick trimmer to keep your wick at the correct height.
  • Get long-handled matches if you don’t use a candle lighter.
  • A couple of wax melts in the same scent or a coordinating scent is also great add-ons.

Candles make a wonderful gift for friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and yourself. Candles are personal without coming across as too personal; they give any room a great ambiance and they smell amazing.