Best Deals on Electronic Portable Speakers

Are you looking for the best portable speaker available on the market at the most affordable prices?. Well look no further, we at The Sound Dome have comprised a list of the best portable speakers on the market telling you all you need to know, both pros and cons. This list is comprised of the best quality portable speakers by JBL, Phillips and Harmon Kardon.

First on the list is the JBL Flip 5. Widely considered by most as  one of the best portable speakers released by JBL, and upon use it’s clear to see why. For such a small speaker the sound quality in this speaker is incredible. The JBL Flip 5 weighing in at only 0.54 kgs with a  battery life of up to 12hrs. This speaker stands out from most as it can be used both in doors as well as outdoors  with its neat design and it’s IPX7 rating.  The speaker is available in a wide range of colours.

  • This speaker is simple and modest in features but one con we noticed is that the speaker doesn’t have a built in mic. So it does not have a hands free feature.

Second on our list of best affordable portable speakers available on the market today we have the Phillips Bluetooth Speaker, TAVS 500/00. This Stylish 1950’s Vintage looking Bluetooth speaker sounds just as incredible as it looks.  This authentic 1950s style meets modern performance  with it’s extremely powerful 10 watt output. The speaker offers a very clear detailed sound due to its 3” full range driver. The speaker is equipped with a bass reflex port giving this speaker an extremely powerful bass response. The vintage wooden cabinet and copper dial makes this the perfect centrepiece in any room.

  • The one con we noticed is that the speaker is not equipped with any IPX rating, although portable it’s not ideal for outdoors

Third on the list is the UE Wonderboom 2. Despite its relatively small size, this speaker is deceptively loud and is one of the best outdoor portable speaker on the market. The Wonderboom 2 is the second speaker in the Wonderboom series, on first look, the Wonderboom 2 doesn’t appear much different to the Wonderboom 1 but after testing we found a number of key improvements that puts this in the conversation as one of the best portable speaker on the market. There is a 30% improvement on its battery life compared to its original predecessor and the speaker is also louder. The speaker is compact in size, IPX rated and offers 360 degrees sound.


  • IPX67 dust and waterproof
  • 360 degrees sound
  • 13 hours battery life
  • Affordable price


  • Speaker sounds distorted at max volume.
  • No mic or handsfree capability