3 Easy Ways to Add Color and Pattern to Your Life

Did you know that colors and patterns are linked to your emotions? The colors you encounter throughout the day will have an impact on your emotions and mood. Surrounding yourself with warm colors will have a completely different effect on your mood and psychology than if you surrounded yourself with cool colors.

Businesses and marketers have used colors and patterns for decades to market products and get consumers to purchase them. Understanding the psychology of colors can help you make the most of your day too.

How colors impact our emotions?

Colors can make us feel sad or happy. They can make us feel relaxed, anxious, hungry, or satiated. This is because color has a big impact on how we perceive the world around us and process information about our environment. Our reactions to color are rooted in biological conditioning and cultural imprinting. Color, therefore, has a major psychological effect on us.

The impact of different colors on our emotions largely depends on the brightness, shade, tone, and tint of the particular color. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange often evoke feelings of energy, optimism, and happiness. They can also evoke feelings of anxiety or fear such as in the case of red used in hazard signage.

Cool colors such as purple, green, and blue on the other hand evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Many companies use these colors to display health, security, and even beauty. They can also evoke feelings of sadness.

Pastels such as peach, pink, and lilac are considered happy colors. They can help to uplift your mood. Colors such as grey, brown, and beige are considered sad colors and are often associated with mourning.

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How to add color to your life?

Seeing as colors can have such a great impact on our emotions, it makes sense to do our best to try to create a positive environment by adding colors that evoke positive energy. Surrounding yourself with color can help uplift your mood on a bad day, help you be more productive at work or at home, and help you feel more positive.

The following are some easy ways to add some color to your life.

  • Add some color to your wardrobe: You don’t have to overhaul your wardrobe completely. Adding color to your wardrobe can be as simple as buying a brightly colored blouse. If you want a more subtle start to adding color to your wardrobe, consider investing in brightly colored accessories. A bright scarf, shoes, socks, neckties, or a printable tote bag is a good place to start. Just a small pop of color would be enough to cheer you up on a bad day. You’ll also feel more confident and special.
  • Color your space: Another great way to uplift your mood is by coloring your space. This can mean anything from painting your walls or adding wallpaper to simply adding printed products such as posters or quirky stationery to your space. These will transform your space from a boring environment into one that you look forward to spending time in.
  • Paint your nails: This is a great subtle way to add color to your life. It’s also easy and inexpensive. Another benefit is that getting a manicure or pedicure will be a great opportunity to spoil yourself. When you feel down during the day, simply looking at the fun colors and designs on your nails will be enough to put a smile on your face and get you out of a funk.

Whether you’re having a hard time at work or at home, changing your environment can help to uplift your mood. Use the tips above to add a touch of color to your life and help you feel a little more cheerful.