Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing a Face Mask

Children are resilient. They are also able to adapt to changes much faster than most adults. However, they are also known to be resistant to change at first. As a parent, it is important to help children adjust to changes. Taking up an active role can help to make the transition easier for your child.

If you’re trying to help your child adjust to wearing a face mask, consider the following tips to make it easier for everyone.

  1. Explain Why It Is Important to Wear A Face Mask:

This is important, no matter how old your child is. Ensuring that they understand the importance of wearing a mask will help them commit to wearing the mask even when you’re not around to remind them to wear it.

Your explanation should be based on the age and level of understanding of your child. Keep it simple and straight to the point. Do not exaggerate or try to make up tales that aren’t real. Stick to the truth to empower your children with the knowledge that could save their lives.

  1. Choose Fun and Comfortable Face Masks:

Buy face masks that are designed for use by kids specifically. Adjustable face masks for kids are advisable to ensure greater comfort. Masks with activated carbon mask filters will provide a great level of protection for your children. Choose masks with fun, kid-friendly patterns, and bright colors. Whenever possible, involve your child in the selection process.

  1. Use Play to Normalize Mask Wearing:

Play is the primary way through which children learn. You can help them feel more comfortable with wearing masks by including them in a game. Let your child put a face mask on their favorite stuffed animal, for example. Practice wearing masks during playtime. Read books or watch videos about wearing face masks and the importance of these masks.

  1. Address Your Child’s Concerns:

Is your child still resistant to wearing face masks? Why? Listen to their concerns and do your best to resolve them. Don’t try to force your child to wear the face mask. They will only associate the mask with negative experiences. You may need to give your child time to process the change and try to reintroduce the masks at a later time.

Do you want to help your child transition to wearing masks? Use the tips above to make the process a lot easier for both you and your child.