5 Reasons Why a Dish Brush Is a Must-Have Tool in Every Kitchen

The cleaning routine for every home includes dishes. There is always someone in the house looking for something to eat. And every time someone eats, a dirty dish lands in the sink. Sadly but true, dishes will keep piling in the sink depending on the number of people you have in the house.

Having a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink is not pleasant, especially now that we are all facing the covid-19 pandemic. Home cleaning should be top notch during this pandemic and the kitchen should be one of the areas in the home that should be cleaned every so often. In 2021, we are doing away with sponges and becoming more accustomed to dishwashing brushes.

Dish cleaning is monotonous, especially if you do not have a good dishwashing system in your kitchen. A good sponge is what most people go for when it comes to buying kitchen cleaning tools. And while the sponge can do the work for you, brushes do a finer job. Surprisingly but true, your everyday routine will not be as monotonous with the best dishwashing brush.

Here Are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Good Dishwashing Brush;

  • Brushes give more scouring power – The cleaning brushes are made of soft bristles that make scrubbing more efficient and effective. The bristles do a better job at scouring and scrubbing than sponges.

  • Brushes have better effect – Dishes come in different shapes and sizes and cleaning them with a sponge can be quite taxing. The good news is, brushes also come in different shapes and sizes, which gives you better grip and more leverage when cleaning.

  • Brushes are easiest to clean – Regardless of what tool you choose to use, cleaning it after doing the dishes is a must. Unlike sponges, dishwashing brushes are the easiest to clean. They also drain water and dry up faster compared to sponges.

  • Brushes last longer – Brushes are made of soft but long-lasting bristles. Unlike sponges, you will not be disposing your silverware brush or any other type of cleaning brushes any time soon. As long as you always clean them after use, the brushes will serve you for a long time. In the end, they are good value for money.

  • Brushes are safer from bacteria growth – It is common for bacteria to grow on cleaning tools, not just in the kitchen but in the entire home. But because dish cleaning brushes dry up faster and are easy to clean, chances of bacteria growth are low.

Well, there you have the benefits of brushes in the kitchen. It is time to make that adjustment and upgrade your kitchen with the most effective and efficient cleaning tools.

And because we all want a clean and safe kitchen as we try to manage the spread of the deadly corona virus, here are tips and tricks for cleaning your dishwashing brushes.

  • The easiest way to clean your brushes is to toss them in your dishwasher. Put the brushes in the top rack of your dishwashing machine with the bristle end up. They will be clean and sanitized within a few cycles in the washer. However, do not put brushes that come with wooden handles in the washer.

  • If you don’t have a dishwasher, grab a fork, white vinegar, a dish towel and a large dishpan. Using the fork, gently remove any visible chunks on the bristles. Put some warm water in the dishpan and add some vinegar and dishwashing liquid soap. Soak the brushes in the mixture for about an hour.

After an hour of soaking, rinse off the brushes with clean warm water. Shake off the brushes to get rid of excess water before drying them with a clean kitchen towel. The last step would be to air the brushes and let them dry completely.