Using Gel on Natural Hair – Which Gel Is Right for You

Do you envy those images of people rocking their natural curls? Does your hair get frizzy when you try to rock your natural curls? You’re not alone. Achieving those laid edges and those frizz-free curls isn’t something that everyone rocking natural hair can do without some help. This is where styling gel comes in handy.

What is styling gel?

Styling gels are products that are used to hold your hair in place. Whether you want to lay your edges down for that well-put-together look or to rock a wash-and-go and not have to worry about your hair getting frizzy, using a styling gel will ensure that you can retain the style of your choice for longer.

So many uses

Not all styling gels are created equal. There are gels that are designed to give a strong hold and others that give a soft hold. It is important to determine what you want to achieve in order to choose the best gel for your application.

The following are some examples of applications of styling gels and which styling gels are best suited for the roles.

  1. Laying those edges

If there is one thing many naturals love, it’s ensuring that their edges are laid. Laying your edges gives you that well-put-together look. It’s the finishing touch that will take your look to a whole new level.

You should choose a gel that doesn’t turn white and flakey when it dries. This will make you look like you have dandruff and ruin your look in an instant. You also don’t want to go with a gel that will melt and run down your face on a warm day or when you’re active in the gym or out and about. Choose a formula that is residue-free. Medium and strong hold gels are great for keeping edges laid.

  1. Maintaining a frizz free wash and go

Wash-and-gos are a great and easy style to achieve with natural hair. You just wash your hair and let its natural curls shine. However, without the right gel, your hair will become frizzy as it loses moisture throughout the day.

You’ll want to pick the right gel for your hair. The gel should clump your curls together nicely. However, you will want to avoid a gel that leaves your hair feeling hard and dry.

Since you’ll be applying the gel throughout your hair, you should go with a styling gel that will nourish your hair as well as hold your curls. This styling gel for natural hair from Earthborn Organics, a brand that makes organic hair care products, is creamy. It will provide hold without causing your hair to feel dry. It also doesn’t leave residue behind when it dries. The gel features natural ingredients such as flaxseeds and shea butter that will nourish your hair as well.

  1. A sleek bun

Looking to achieve the ultimate sleek bun? You’ll need gel to not just lay your edges down but your entire mane. Achieving a sleek bun requires a gel with a strong hold for most hair types. However, if you have thin hair with a looser curl pattern, you can get away with a medium hold gel.

  1. Twist-outs

Who doesn’t love a good twist-out? This simple style is a great way to achieve more defined curls. Gels can help to ensure your curls are even more defined, last longer and are frizz-free.

You will want to go with a styling gel that doesn’t leave a residue behind when it dries. You also don’t want a gel that will dry out your hair and leave it feeling stiff. Choose a gel that will keep your curls stretched while maintaining your curls.

Gels are a great way to achieve the look you want. Choose the right gel for your purpose using the tips above.