The History Of Israel And The Beauty Of Jerusalem

Jewish artists and their paintings are very famous. There is a series of abstract Jewish and Jerusalem paintings which depict the uniqueness of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is known to be one of the oldest cities in the world. The artist has tried to convey that there is a connection between heaven and Jerusalem. These paintings show the temple where the Jews pray and they also show the old streets of Jerusalem. The artist has tried to show how unique Israel and Jerusalem are. If you are someone who is interested in knowing more about Jerusalem or Jewish culture and their history, then you should definitely check these paintings out.

jewish dance painting

Jerusalem is known to be a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is known to be a very unique city and it has a lot to offer. The history and religious elements of this city make it so unique and special. The artist also considers Jerusalem as the city of peace. This city has a lot of beautiful locations and the artist has tried to capture all of these locations in the abstract paintings. Anyone who has interest in history will definitely be keen to know more about this city.

The uniqueness of Israeli art

Now that we are talking about the abstract paintings of Jerusalem, let us also talk about the paintings on Israeli newspapers. These are vintage paintings and they are dedicated to the state of Israel. These paintings are very unique as they are painted on newspapers of Israel. These newspapers are very old and they have documented the spirit of the old era. Each modern Israeli art depicts a different scenario. If seen together, they show the events held in the past in Israel. The artist wants to show the history of Israel to its people because he believes that without knowing the past, one cannot build a good future.

Paratroopers At The Kotel In 1967, Painting by Alex Levin

There is one more unique thing about these paintings that is the dates mentioned on the paintings. There are actually two dates mentioned on the paintings. One date is the year of publication of that newspaper and the other one is the year when the painting was made. The artist has given a new life to these newspapers by painting on them. People usually read the newspaper and then discard them but the artist wanted to prolong the life of these newspapers and also wanted the future generation to know the history of Israel. If we look closely, each painting tells a different story. All these things really make Israel a unique country. A lot of people get attracted to these paintings after knowing the history of these paintings and the story of newspapers.

Anyone who loves history would definitely be interested in purchasing one of these paintings. The artist believes that these newspapers will stay alive for so many centuries to come in the form of paintings. He strongly believes that one needs to know the history to have a great future and these paintings made on newspapers will be the best source of information.