60th Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

The 60th anniversary deserves a special gift. Marriage isn’t always easy, and staying together for so many years shows a commitment that’s not often seen. The traditional gift for the 60th anniversary is a diamond; a diamond is the symbol for the 75th anniversary. While you don’t have to stick to the diamond theme for these anniversaries, the following all make lovely gifts.

A Ring:

If the gift is for your significant other and you want to make an impression, the first gift that comes to mind is a diamond ring. Unlike the ring you used when you proposed, today’s diamonds are likely to be lab-created. All around the country, these types of diamonds are popular. You’ll find lab created diamonds Los Angeles residents seek, an engagement ring in Houston that’s lab-created, and other lab-created rings around the country. Both men and love diamond rings.

Diamonds created in the lab are as good as other diamonds and in many cases, superior. Your love will appreciate the beauty of the ring, your thoughtfulness, and the fact that you’re doing something good for the Earth.


If you want to incorporate diamonds into a gift but don’t want a ring, consider a pendant. There are many gorgeous pendants available that incorporate diamonds into their design. Any of these pendants are a wonderful way to commemorate 60 years of love. A diamond bracelet is also wonderful.


Celebrate six decades together with a stunning bouquet of flowers. The 60th anniversary doesn’t have a flower associated with it, but the color for 60 years is white. You could have a bouquet made up of a variety of white flowers. 60 years calls for a flower bouquet that is large and over the top. Hide the box containing the diamond ring inside the bouquet for added impact.

A Photo Album:

If your parents or grandparents are celebrating a milestone anniversary, put together a photo album.

  • Contact family members to find photos of the couple throughout the years.
  • Create an album that is like a timeline of their relationship.
  • Add photos of family members and others who are close to the couple.
  • Include sentiments from family and friends.

Each year of marriage is special and deserves to be celebrated. When you reach a 60-year anniversary, celebrate with abandon; you deserve it