Steps to Defining Your Personal Fashion Style

Your personal style refers to a particular way in which you dress to express yourself. Your style is how you dress, how you conduct yourself, your writing style, and much more. It depends on various factors affecting your lifestyle and of course it keeps on evolving and changing with time.

The main point of finding your personal style is not based on wearing trendy clothes. It involves knowing different things about yourself and the kind of lifestyle you are living. So, what can one do to determine their personal fashion style?

How to Define Your Fashion Style

  • Understand your personality

The first step to finding your personal style is understanding your personal style. Take a book and note down how you would describe your personality, how your current style reflects on your personality, what you like and don’t like and so much more.

Another way to understand your personality is by taking an online style personality quiz. Check out the results and refer to the style description given after answering the questions. This will give you a starting point on how to understand your style.

  • Get Inspiration

Everyone needs some style inspiration. Gather all the data you need to help you learn more about finding yourself. You can get inspiration from influencers, magazines, fashion week shows, friends, street style, and much more.

You can go on taking screenshots of those looks that caught your eye then use them to create a style board. Go through all the images you have saved and delete what you’re not feeling anymore. This will help you organize your looks and make it easy to create a board showing what works for you!

For example you can search African print crop top to get inspiration and see what makes sense in our wardrobe.

  • Create A Visual Fashion Mood Board

Creating a fashion board is another great way of defining your fashion style. Of course, we don’t have lots of money to spend on shopping like celebrities and influencers, therefore, we need to create a vision board that will guide us practically.

Use your fashion inspiration photos and compile them on the fashion board. Choose three or four images that match your sense of style and save them for future use when shopping.

  • Purge Your Clothes

The next step involves removing those clothes in your wardrobe that don’t work for you. All you have to do is use the fashion board to clear what is in your closet currently that needs to be thrown away.

Afterward, you can match the remaining clothes and see if they will suit your style. Ensure that your closet reflects your style depending on what you can afford instead of what you dream of wearing.

  • Experiment With Unique Style Choices

Once you now understand how your style may look like, it is time to add unique pieces to your closet. Identifying your personal style is all about playing with fashion to discover which clothes make you feel the best. Work on mixing prints and colors to see if they improve your personal style.

You can even try African print sweatshirt and match them with other fabrics to get a unique style.