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A huge number of tourists every year visit Mongolia to enjoy the eagle hunting festival. The Golden Eagle Festival is held yearly in western Mongolia and is a two-day festival that is structured by eagle hunters and native officials. The festival covers Kazakh cultural events, eagle hunting rivalries, meeting-ups with renowned eagle hunters, special photographic workshops in royal Altai Mountain ranges at the pleasing time of the years.

The festival is held annually in the month of September and at this time you will always find a rush quantity of tourists thus if you are planning for Golden Eagle Festival Tour Mongolia then must hire the best travel agency for booking and accommodation.

Reasons For a Huge Crowd of Tourists In The Golden Eagle Festival

According to a world-class publication, the Golden Eagle Festival is considered as world’s most trendy event.  At this event, several eagle hunters take participate in well-dressed traditional clothes as well as different types of ornaments. They look amazing when riding the horse with one hand and a golden hunter eagle on their other hand. Your mind will blow when you see them playing their traditional thrilling games on horseback.

Further, when you visit west Mongolia to see the eagle hunting festival you get a chance to experience the nomadic lifestyle of the local people and the Kazakh culture. When you meet authentic eagle hunter families and spend time with them, you will totally immerse yourself in their culture. All guests are invited to have deep talks with popular hunters, attending to epic stories, and speeches in the afternoon. As it is a cultural event, folk music and dance performances are included in the program you will find the perfect chance to see them in their national embroidered costumes.

 Moreover, in the month of September in Mongolia, nature turns into its most beautiful color. The temperature is warmer than October and a little cooler than warm August. At night you will find a clear sky full of stars that offer you the best night sky photography.  You will get pleasant days to attend the festival. Apart from that, as it is a festival you will find trade fairs, souvenir stands, coffee corners, night events other services, or activities are available during the festival. These are some major reasons for a huge crowd of tourists comes to the Golden Eagle Festival.

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Best Travel Agency for The Golden Eagle Festival Tour

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