The Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Perfect Makeup Bag

Is your makeup crammed into every part of your house?

Are you finding it hard to get your makeup cosmetic products? If so, it’s time to get organized.

Selecting the right makeup bag depends on whether you are using the bag for traveling or everyday use.  This is because the durability and size can make a difference in its performance. A well-organized bag will keep you away from an unwanted mess.

What better way to enjoy applying makeup than making sure they are all in one place and their top condition? Below are great tips on selecting the perfect makeup bag.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Makeup Bag

  • Determine your Needs

No single makeup bag is going to be perfect for everyone. The decision on which bag to buy depends on what type of work you’re doing.

For example, if you are a makeup artist, then you need a great makeup bag to hold your different cosmetic products. The best type of bag for an artist is the drawstring makeup bag as it comes with a lot of compartments for organizing your makeup. But if you only need a bag for your every day makes up then a standard size bag will work for you.

  • Choose a size to match your makeup

The best option size depends on your routine. To be on the safer side, ensure that you buy a makeup bag that’s slightly larger than your needs. A bigger bag means that your cosmetic products will have enough room for storage.

If you are looking for an everyday bag to carry just a few makeups, for example, powder and lipstick, you will carry a small makeup bag but if you are traveling then you need one that will carry all your makeup.

  • Choose the right material and design

The best makeup bag is one that suits your needs. After all, every person has a unique beauty regime.  Choosing a bag with the perfect material will protect other possession from getting accidentally smeared with makeup. For every day and short travels, get a bag that’s soft-sided and transparent to see what you might have missed.

For long-distance travel, it is advisable to get a bag with a hard exterior to keep the containers from breaking when they are tossed around. Make sure you find a design that is also friendly to your makeup to avoid the melting of some of the cosmetic products you’ve carried.

  • Buy Mini products for traveling

Instead of trying to stuff big makeup products into your bag when traveling, opt for a set of mini products safe for traveling. For example, carry the best makeup brush set that is mini in size than the full-size ones to help save on storage space.

Look for smaller products that can easily fit in your makeup bag to save on space.

  • Choose a bag with compartments and is waterproof

It is advisable to choose a makeup bag with compartments to stay organized. This means buying a bag with multiple inner pockets to organize your collection in a good manner.

The last thing you want is to put your hand in your suitcase only to find the rest of your belongings covered in powder or foundation. A bag that is also waterproof liner means that your make-up cannot leak to your other goods.


Choosing the perfect make-up bag for you is not a matter of going to the mall and just picking the first bag you come across. It involves looking at your needs, specification, and budget. A perfect make-up bag is one that fully satisfies your needs and can keep your make-up organized at all times.