The Top Interactive Video Software Solutions for Marketers

Marketers are always looking for new ways to increase sales. Today, the best way to get to the consumers is through interactive videos. An interactive video is a video that has engaging content, and viewers can click on it while watching.

You will find features like 360-degree viewing, cards, hotspots, and multi-screen viewing in such videos. Interactive video software help create a personalized, dynamic, and fun experience for viewers. Some of the top interactive video software solutions for marketers are:



This interactive video software has numerous capabilities and supports almost every functionality in interactive videos. WIREWAX features are slider views, camera switching, hotspots, branching, and 360-degree viewing.

You can contact customer care at WIREWAX to get information on pricing. The enterprise offering is excellent for brands, but the company has other customizable packages that you can look at to choose the most suitable one for your brand.

Hap Yak:

Hap Yak has inbuilt analytics tools, and you can add links and other functionality into your video. This SaaS platform uses API and emotion recognition SDK to connect behaviors and clicks with CRM tools. With this interactive video software, you can track the video metrics from a more informed perspective.


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The pricing for Hap Yak ranges between $500 and $4700. You can choose a package that is in line with the needs of your brand.


This cloud-based tool allows you to embed, analyze, and create interactive videos for your company. You can add clickable elements into your videos using a drag and drop action. The other great thing about Rapt is that you can incorporate your HTML.

The analytics are readily available on your dashboard to help you track your videos and make changes to improve viewership. Rapt is ideal for any marketing firm that wants to improve its sales through interactive videos.


Adventr has a simple interface with a drag-and-drop tool that lets you add branching effects to your videos. The packages differ in price and features, and you can choose the one that serves your interests. This interactive video software also gives you an overview of your video’s performance on all the host platforms.

It also has an open platform that allows you to post videos on web pages, networks, and social media platforms. For limited business use of the platform, you will only pay $99. However, customization features come in an enterprise package that costs much more than that.


If you want to add quizzes, clickable CTAs, and polls to your videos, Vizia is your best bet.  You do not have to be highly skilled in video editing to use the platform. Its easy user interface makes it easy to learn the software and use it to create engaging videos.

This product was created by an e-learning platform called Teachable to develop educational videos for personal use. However, the company agreed to make the video editing technology accessible for other businesses to benefit.


This platform was also created as a place for e-learning. Some of the things you can do with this software are creating in-video menus to link to URLs or your website and add questions and quizzes to videos. HiHaHo is one of the most affordable tools in interactive video software and has different packages for different users.


Emotion recognition sdk and interactive video software are revolutionary ways to help marketers make the most out of consumer interactions. A brand that uses these tools to shape its marketing strategies is likely to get ahead of other brands solely relying on manual methods. You can pick one of the tools above and start creating engaging content for your audience today.