Make Strategic Decision with the Profit and Loss Management

KartKonnect’s Profit and Loss management tool provide you improved insight into your business. With the assistance of our comprehensive and manageable reports, you can monitor your sales and items performance and make smart and strategic decisions for your ventures

This management tool help in identifying your baseline based on costs, revenues, and expenses incurred on the order based on which gives you a complete insight on strengthening your base line.

Our custom report allows you in tracking returns and offers you information about refund totals per company per order. Profit and Loss management provides you data about your FBA inbound shipping fees and subscription fees.

This management tool updates you on somehow how much you spend on your complete order fulfillment.

Profit and loss management custom report assists you to review your accounts receivable aging by order, for all clients or a particular one.

Challenges Faced and Solution Offered:

  1. As we know that the Distributors keep on changing the price of the SKU many times a day leading to the SKU getting sold at loss or not at a reasonable profit. A regular PL Report will assist you in checking the loss made from the order and getting it received from the distributor.
  2. Making sure about the large or heavy items shipments are calculated properly by using dimensional weight or based on shipment agreement with the distributor and orders do not result in any loss to the retailer.

How does Customer Feedback Management work?

customer feedback management

The process of purchasing goods online can create business problems and be simply alienating. Though clients can access data about the items that they are purchasing, the transaction can be completed easily in an unsatisfactory way. For eg, a simple detail not produced in the product description or any glitches in the delivery procedure can make the difference between the satiated customer who goes on to shop again and an unsatisfied client who then shops elsewhere.

Online sellers require a system in place that enables customers to give feedback and see feedback from other clients. Where complaints are concerned, a  customer feedback management platform can provide the merchant the chance to see and reply to them. When it comes to good feedback, there are multiple benefits like other customers can see the positive comments and get impressed by the way you handle bad ones. Customer feedback has a good impression on a website’s Search Engine Optimization.