Tips to Look After your False Eyelashes

Eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger, attractive, and command a lot of attention. Once you note the difference between your eyes with lashes and without, you can never go back. As easy as it is to wear false lashes, they require proper care and the right application.

If you are a pro at keeping your lashes in top condition and get the most wear possible out of each pair. It may take you some time to get a hand with the whole care process and once you do it will be easy to fix and maintain your false lashes.

Below are some of the amazing tips to look after your false lashes.

  • Cut the falsies to fit: If you want to have the best natural false eyelashes, you need to cut them to fit your eyes. Start by dividing them into smaller pieces or thin them out to create a more natural look. Once you remove them after the day ends, it will be easier to store the small pieces to use some other day.

Another tip is to bend them into a C shape for a few moments to help curve them into a natural eyelid shape.

  • Remove with care: If you want to use your false lashes over and over, you need to remove them with care. These lashes are very delicate and therefore you should avoid using an eyelash curler, fingernails, or tweezers as they may ruin the shape and quality.

You are advised to use fingertips to grasp the edges and peel the lashes off your eyelids. If you are using individual lash clusters you should remove them one by one until you are done. Taking them off nicely will allow them to serve you for long without ruining the shape.

  • Avoid water for the first 48 hours: Do you have a fresh set of vegan eyelashes installed? You need to avoid water around your eyes for 48 hours. If your lashes come in contact with water then the glue will not set in which may cause your lashes to fall off and ruin their shape.

Allowing your false lashes to set in for 48 hours will make the glue stick thus giving you an amazing look. If you have applied makeup on your face, use oil-free makeup removers to wipe it off. This will prevent the falsies from getting in contact with water.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes: If you are a chronic eye-rubber, you have to curb that habit if you want to maintain and keep your lashes on. This is easier said than done but you need to try.

When you have false lashes on, your eyes are a no-go zone. You need to avoid rubbing them because the friction between your fingers and eyelids will have them falling off. You may end up looking funny if some of your lashes are missing because they fell off and this means you need to purchase a new set of lashes.

  • Store them in a cool dry place: One of the final but most important steps involves taking care of your lashes by finding a safe and convenient place to store them. Find a box or container that is air-tightened and prevents moisture from getting to the lashes. Storing your lashes in a conducive place will not only keep them clean but also protect them from dirt and bacteria.

Conclusion: Now that you know what is involved in taking care of your false eyelashes, you’ll now get the most out of them. Taking care of your lashes will help you maintain them, keep them for long and keep your eyes safe from bacteria.