Recovering Compensation Following a Dog Bite

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring their pets are trained, socialized, and vaccinated. They also need to monitor their animals and keep others safe from the dog. Dog bites can result in serious injuries, both psychologically and physically. Dog owners should be held accountable for any injuries sustained by their pets. This can be done when you have the best dog bite lawyer Calabasas.

Insurance companies are rarely willing to provide full compensation following a dog bite injury. You should speak with the best dog bite lawyer Calabasas before you settle for any kind of compensation. Insurance companies can easily swindle you out of a rightful amount.

Understanding Dog Bites in California: Dogs don’t always bite. They can also injure you during knockdowns and by scratches. Dog bites take place when a dog physically injures a person by using its teeth. These are painful in nature and can result in temporary disability, disfigurement, infection, and permanent disability or death.

The best dog bite lawyer Calabasas should be able to demonstrate the following to prove negligence in dog bite lawsuits:

  • The dog was owned by the defendant
  • The victim was a bit in a public place
  • The victim was a bit on a lawfully private property
  • Dog bite caused injury to the victim
  • The injury was mainly due to the dog bite

Dog owners under section 3342 of the California Civil Code are responsible for injuries sustained during a bite. You would have to prove negligence if you were attacked by a dog and not bitten, like any other personal injury lawsuit in California.

The following three conditions need to be met for proving negligence in personal injury lawsuits:

  • Duty of care was owed by the defendant to the plaintiff
  • Duty of care was breached by the defendant
  • Plaintiff was directly harmed because of the defendant’s breach

California is a Strict Liability State: In California, you don’t need to prove negligence if you were bitten by a dog. This is because the state enforces the ‘strict liability rule on all dog owners. The dog owner is liable for injuries sustained even if the dog never showed a propensity to attack. An extra duty of care is placed on the dog owner if their animal injured someone previously.

Do You Have a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Liability on dog owners is already placed in California following a dog bite case. Even the best dog bite lawyer Calabasas doesn’t have to prove prior knowledge of the animal’s aggression or negligence. This strict law places additional responsibility on the owner of the dog for controlling their pets and keeping others safe.

Dog owners may need to take additional precautions with certain dog breeds that have a dangerous nature and are inherently more aggressive. There are certain dog breeds on which insurance policies have restrictions. These are:

  • Dobermans
  • German Shepherds
  • Chows
  • Akitas
  • Pit bulls
  • Staffordshire terriers
  • Alaska Malamutes
  • Rottweilers
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Wolf hybrids

Most renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies cover dog bite claims. In fact, dog bites are reported to be the most common liability claim as per the Insurance Information Institute. Victims don’t have to file a police report on being bitten by a dog. However, when you consult with the best dog bite lawyer Calabasas, they will advise you to file a report for recovering punitive damages in your civil lawsuit.

Talk to a Dedicated Dog Bite Attorney Today: Dog bites can have long-lasting and traumatizing effects. Several of these effects may manifest after a few years. It’s crucial that you consider seeking compensation for your damages. The legal team at California Wrongful Death Lawyers is here to help you understand your legal options. Give us a call at 844-999-5342 or use our online form.