All About the Self Care Kits

Do you have a self-care kit where if you are having a bad day, you will be able to obtain a goodie bag including items that make you joyful? Essentially, a self-care kit is a place to keep your favorite “feel-good” mementos.

Things that Should Go in the Self Care Kit

  • A fresh new journal
  • Fun pens
  • Nail polish
  • A personal growth book
  • List of the positive podcast
  • Photos

At Reserved and Polished, we want our customers to elevate their home care service using ‘The Essentials Self-care Kit’ for your self-care rituals. This kit contains samples and full-size items from emerging wellness and beauty brands.

self care kits1

If you are the type that loves the idea of self-care but would appreciate it better if it was put together for you, check out ‘The Essential Self-care Kit’ from Reserved and Polished and get your wellness items sent to you!