How Do I Choose Isolation Gowns

Whenever there is an emergence of infectious diseases such as Corona has put more focus is put on infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Isolation gown is one of the PPEs that are used by health care workers. The primary function of a PPE is to protect one from infectious to prevent the transfer of infectious substances from one person to another.

There are different types of isolation gowns. There is the surgical gown that is supposed to be worn by medical personnel during medical procedures. It is meant to protect both the health worker and the patient from the transfer of infectious microorganisms. No surgical gown is used in situations where the patient is a low or minimal risk.

Surgical Gowns

Apart from the two, there are also reusable isolation gowns. These gowns can be used more than once. However, they must be laundered after every use. Lastly, we have disposable gowns that are discarded after every use. Choosing an isolation gown can be challenging sometimes. It is therefore critical for one to understand how to choose an isolation gown.

Guideline on How to Choose an Isolation Gown

Know the Purpose of the Isolation Material

Before choosing an isolation gown, you must know what role the gown is going to play. One must also know who is going to wear the gown and in what setting will they be working. These details will help in identifying the type of gown you will choose.

Level of Protection Standards

You should also know the level of protection standards that are required. There are four recognized levels of protection standards. Level 1 gowns are used for basic care or standard isolation. Level 2 gowns are used in low-risk situations for instance during a blood drive. Level 3 gowns are for moderate-risk situations. Level 4 gowns are for high-risk situations.  An example of a high-risk situation is when conducting a surgery.

The Gown’s Material

When selecting a gown you should also know what material was used in making the gown. For instance, polythene or polypropylene is what is used in making disposable gowns.  For the gowns that can be used more than once, they are made using a synthetic material or cotton.  Each material has its strength and weakness. For example, synthetic gowns are better at preventing the transfer of fluids.

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