The Power of Videos in Emotional Marketing

A company can employ emotional marketing when branding or incorporate it in advertising campaigns. If you are looking to reach and retain your target audience effectively, emotional marketing will fit your bill. Thrown in interactive videos, and the impact is even more significant.

How Does Emotional Marketing Work?

Here is the thing; if you really want your marketing to be impactful, you must add emotions to your advertisements. As emotional beings, people will react to anything that makes them feel good or bad. Think about a commercial that you recently watched. Did it touch you, leaving you all emotional?

An emotions-laden advertisement is one easy way consumers will remember your brand. It also helps them buy and share the products. Once you integrate emotional marketing into the marketing strategy, the sales graph rises steadily. But be careful to only associate positive emotions with your business. This is where an emotion recognition sdk comes in to track the effectiveness of emotional marketing.

facial emotion recognition

Use Videos to Trigger the Right Emotions

Of course, emotional stories will reach the target users. But no other platform evokes as many emotions as a video. So, if you want to communicate complex things, achieve a better conversion rate or a better ranking in Google, use an explainer video.

Videos are perfect for passing a particular feeling during emotional marketing. They hit the target audience in all the right spots, including their goals, values and desires. They also remain in potential consumers’ memory for a long time because of their emotional factor.

What Type of Video Will Be Most Effective?

You can use the best interactive video platforms to create an interactive video for your business. You can use either a live-action video or an animated one depending on your goals. The format you settle for will largely be influenced by your budget, distribution channels, and target audience.

interactive video platform

Final Take

Go ahead and incorporate videos in emotional marketing in your business, then sit back and watch the sales shoot through the roof.