How to Choose that Perfect Hat

Hats have established themselves as an ever-stylish men’s accessory. From fedora caps to dad hat fashion, snapbacks to baseball caps, men’s hats are versatile and are a stylish addition to any look. They also help someone add an extra aura of mystery around themselves.

If you are wondering what to look for when buying a hat and the features to consider when getting a hat, this article is what you’ve been looking for. Here is how you can choose that perfect hat easily.

  • The Anatomy of a Hat

Understanding the anatomy of the hat is the first step. No one wants to buy a hat that makes you look goofy and disproportionately large. You need to be up close and personal with a hat to know its anatomy and how it will look on your face.

  • Face Shape

Find the right hat for your face shape. Do you have an oval, round or square face? Hats may have the same sizes on the label tag, but they don’t fit the same way. It is important to understand that there is a perfect hat for every face shape. As a result, a hat that looks terrific on one individual may not convey the same feeling of personality to the next.

  • Consider Your Style

Do you want a hat to wear every day or just for special events? Choosing a hat requires one to consider their style first. Unless you are an experienced hat lover, we recommend that you browse through different magazines and websites to get an idea about the different styles you could like. Choose a color you know will be flattering and easy to fit with clothes in your closet. Understanding your style can help narrow down your options to get that perfect fit.

  • Find the Right Size

To pick that hat that fits perfectly, you need to find the right size. To determine the correct hat size for your head, stand about 1cm above the ears and measure the circumference of the skull. This is mostly helpful for people who are shopping online and cannot fit the hat before buying. Usually, the sizes of the hats are shown in cm so it will be enough to memorize the figure obtained.


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