A Guide on How to Identify House Plants

Whether you want to increase your house green plants knowledge or you just want to name a house plant you unexpectedly inherited, the ability to identify different types of house plants is a great skill to have.

We all know that not all plants are created equal, and the best approach to care for one may lead another to wither quickly. Each plant species has its own set of requirements. Taking care of houseplants can be soothing and fun especially when you see them grow. However, it’s quite hard to take good care of them if you don’t know what they are.

So, how can one easily identify house green plants?

  • Learn about Plant Families

To identify different types of house plants you need to learn about the different classifications of plants. There is a wide range of different types of plants that grow in different places across the globe. All types of plants were originally outdoor plants; however certain plants are now referred to as indoor plants or house plants.

You can divide plants into six different categories; grass-like plants, ferns, orchids, aquatic plants, and non-woody plants.  Most of the house plants have certain characteristics like low tolerance for cool temperatures, the ability to thrive in containers, their long lifespan, and much more.

  • Use Plant Websites

Another way to identify house green plants is by browsing through reputable plant websites like GreatIndoorPlants.com. This site is a good place to start as it includes pictures of many of the most common indoor plants. The photos are found in their homepage portfolio so you can easily scroll through to see if any look similar to your plant.

Most reputable plant websites have lots of information about different plants, how to take good care of them, and the conducive environment in which the plant grows. The information you get will give you the basic details to start narrowing things on how to identify your plant. You’ll never be able to identify plants if you can’t make basic observations about their structure.

  • Observe the Habitat

Do you want plants to grow in the field or inside our house? Plants don’t just appear everywhere they choose. They frequently have unique habitat requirements and are linked to other plant communities.

To identify whether a plant is an indoor or an outdoor plant, make sure you understand its habitat requirements. Some plants will only grow in open fields while other plants will be highly dependent on nearby water features in order to survive. By remembering to look at the landscape habitat you can make the job of identifying plants much easier.

  • Understanding Plant Tags

If you bought your indoor garden supply from a specialized seller like GreatIndoorPlants.com, then it should come with a name tag and care instructions.

If you want to identify your house green plants then buy where they are labeled. Even if the instructions are so brief, they will give you some knowledge of the plant and its proper scientific name which you can use to conduct further research. Through the internet, you can get information on where your plant is from and how to take good care of it as long as you have its scientific name.

  • Use Plant Identification Apps

There has been an increasing number of plant apps created by developers over time. With these apps, all you have to do is take a picture of the plant and the application will tell you the name right away. Even though not all plant apps are accurate, there are some good apps that can help you identify your plants.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about successfully identifying house green plants wherever you go, it’s time to get one from the Great ndoorsPlants.com. Here, you get different types of house plants to impress your plant prowess and we know you’ll enjoy taking care of them as you know what each plant requires