5 Don’ts When Buying Sequin Two-Piece Set

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of your closet in distress because you have nothing to wear, even though there are innumerable clothes right in front of you? You are not alone, that is commonly experienced when you are running late. It is called having clothes but no outfit. However, you might want to decide what to wear beforehand by visiting a women’s online clothing boutique to make sure you create a look that’s classy and polished. Check out the tips below for 5 sequins two piece set don’ts.

  1. Go Overboard.

The sequin set already gives you that sassy sparkle looks; a fashion statement. However, adding sequined shoes, a sequined clutch, and a glittering shawl is too much. Of course, you want to please the eyes when you put on a sequin two piece set, not blind them.

  1. Impersonate A Rainbow: The sparkle from the set is already captivating, so you want to make sure you choose one main color and not more than two complementary shades for your accessories.  When you are dressed in too many colors, similar to many features, that is a clash already. Be thoughtful.
  1. Bling It Up: When you have so much shimmer already, less is equal to more. You can skip the jewelry entirely, or visit a women’s online clothing boutique to choose a simple design that won’t compete with your fabulous sequin set.

  1. Forget You Event: You always want to keep the formality of the occasion and the venue in mind so you can decide on the right quantity of sequin goodness. For instance, a fancy wedding reception during the cocktail hour; calls for more sequin embellishments compared to a day of shopping with your friends. You should try to avoid sequin faux pas by saving the glamorous fully-sequined gowns for formals and the short party dresses with subtle sequin accents for casual of semi-formal events.
  1. Ignore Your Body Type: Truly, sequin two piece set and embellished embroidery add volume to the silhouette. Light sequin accents can add a little sparkle without weighing down your figure. On the other hand, a dress with sequins on half of the design can direct the eyes for a balanced silhouette. If you have a pear-shaped figure with fuller hips, you might consider buying a sequined bodice. While a curvy girl who wishes to have that flattering look might choose a piece with a simple princess-cut bodice.

Whether you want a little glimmer to brighten your casual wardrobe or glitters to captivate at formals, always use these tips to make sure you stick to the fashion for wearing sequin dresses.