Tips for Better Fabric Shopping Online

Online shopping has become more prevalent lately especially when you are looking for something that you cannot find in your local store. When you want to buy fabric online, it is possible to access a wider range of options that are available to you locally at your own convenience. Before shopping online for fabric, you need to equip yourself with the following tips.

  • Create search categories: Browsing online fabric shops can suck up your entire lifetime if you are not careful because of the variety of fabric to look at. You should take a moment to work on what exactly you are looking for. It is advisable to use your preferences such as color or pattern when searching for the fabric online. Work on your own favorite categories as a way of speeding up the search instead of scrolling through all the available options.
  • Request swatches: When buying fabric online, the biggest thing that every sewer misses is the chance to touch the fabric and get a sense of qualities such as thickness, drape, and texture. Another thing is that colors tend to look differently online as compared to one on one. Online photos also don’t provide an idea of scale print so if you are not so far away from the store, you can request a sample first so that you can confirm if the material is indeed satin, or even faux fur fabric online as displayed in their pages. Many shops will gladly send out a few swatches for free or at a small cost. Some even have a swatch club and send you a whole booklet for an annual fee.

  • Check width: Make sure you check the width of the roll to ensure you are buying enough fabric for your project before purchasing. If you come across options such as ‘fat quarters’, this basically means that you get one meter or yard of fabric as a continuous piece when you buy four fat quarters. However, check first whether it is a metric or imperial quarter.
  • Keep an inspiration board: If you come across a print that you adore but are quite aware that you cannot buy it at that time, pin it to a Pinterest board or bookmark it for future reference when ready. This is very important as it makes it easier next time when you need fabric as you can just access your favorite rather than starting from scratch. However, most fabrics that get pinned on boards end up getting sold out due to demand.
  • Ask if in doubt: The internet tends to look faceless at first glance but behind that website, there is a whole team or someone who is more passionate about fabrics and ready at your service in case you need any help. If you have a question just drop a line and you will get all the help that you need.
  • Research: You can use youtube videos or blog links on ideas regarding the fabric that you are looking for. Most fabric stores nowadays provide blogs that have great tips, tutorials, and projects that showcase their fabric. These tutorials provide you with an easier way of confirming the quality of the fabric that they are selling. They also provide you with an idea of other fabrics that you might want to purchase and other ideas which will be quite useful for future projects.

Conclusion: You can also look for recommendations from various people before making a purchase. This is quite easy especially with the use of the internet as you can get to inquire with people and get a response in a jiffy. Apart from this, you can also shop fabric online at the Stylish Fabric store. This online store has all the fabric you need, check us out to explore and try our options.