How to Hydrate your Hair for the Ultimate Texture

Natural hair is usually dry. This means that the scalp produces natural oils which do not slide down the hair shafts easily as it would for those with straight hair. These oils get retained on the scalp and end up drying thus building up and becoming flaky. However, some have natural dry scalp because they don’t produce the natural oils hence the need to know how to hydrate your hair effectively for it to maintain its ultimate texture.

  • Choose Right Products

When buying the hair products, it is important to check on the ingredients. This helps in identifying the ingredients that play major roles in hydrating and moisturizing the hair such as avocado, aloe vera, shear butter, glycerine and various oils. Good hair moisturizer lock in the moisture in our hair thus preventing it from drying up.

  • Use Shampoo that Hydrates

Identifying the shampoo that suits your hair helps a lot in maintaining hair moisture. This is because it leaves the hair strands with humectants which lock in the conditioner and leave in serum. Some shampoos clean the hair then end up stripping it off the natural oils thus the need to avoid them at all cost.

  • Use a Spritzer

A spritzer is a blend of aloe vera and rose water. This is very important for the scalp as it promotes healthy growth of hair and protecting the hair strands from the sun. The good thing about this spritzer is that it can be made at home because it is very easy. All that you need to do when you have it is spray on clean hair for regular hydration.

  • Use the Right Oils

The oils contain ingredients that soften the hair strands, aid in absorption of the oil mainly for hydration and as nourishment. They are loaded with antioxidants that prevent hair damage. They are also responsible for shine and good hair hydration. Some have vitamin E and proteins which are responsible for nourishing and strengthening the hair strands by bringing the cuticle cells together. These oils could be almond, coconut or argan.

  • Condition Right

It is advisable to always use a generous amount of conditioner on your hair. This really helps in ensuring that your hair is hydrated thoroughly. It is possible to wet your hair and apply a hydrating conditioner without shampoo on the days that you have no plans of washing it. Ensure that you have a conditioner that suits the weather too such as the cream based with deep conditioning ingredients that is relevant during winter.


Sometimes, the hair structure loses moisture easily due to evaporation. This is why you have to ensure that each strand of the hair is hydrated and moisturized and your hair will definitely have the texture, curls, elasticity and shape that you desire.