The Characteristics of Premium Sheepskin

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Sheepskin is used to create high-quality products like clothes, shoes, rugs, and much more. This is because of its beautiful appearance and its rich plush texture. More companies are coming up and others are using the imitation of sheepskin hoping it will be authentic as the real one. But this is not the case because fake sheepskin will not only quickly lose its nice appearance but also wear out fast.

So, what are some of the features to consider when buying premium sheepskin products?

  • The Quality

The quality of wool is the first thing that distinguishes premium sheepskin from the rest. High-grade sheepskin has an extremely high wool density, mostly determined by the breed of sheep it comes from.

To check the quality of wool, massage the fibers softly between your fingers.  Does it feel soft and plush or does it feel crisp and brittle? Pay close attention to the wool and if it feels a bit harsh then it could be from poor quality sheepskin. Brittle and harsh feel means your sheepskin product will wear out in a very short time.

  • Diameter

The global demand for finer wool has rapidly increased and manufacturers are looking for ways to source fine wool to satisfy the global consumers. Sheepskin items must have both the required wool density and length to meet grade standards.

If you buy low-quality sheepskin, it may have the necessary length but there might be a difference in how dense they are. One of the reasons why people love wearing premium sheepskin products is because they are dense, warm, and have long wool fibers that retain their loft, and the product ends up looking great.

  • Elasticity

Depending on the quality of wool, the fiber can stretch from 25 or 30 percent of its natural length before breaking. Every wool fiber is a molecular coil-spring which makes the fiber remarkably elastic.

Premium sheepskin products are very resilient due to the wool being naturally springy. You will note that these fibers recover very quickly from indents by furniture and other things. Wool clothing should be hung correctly after use to maintain its natural elasticity and to allow it to relax and restore its shape.

  • The Feel

Another characteristic to consider when buying products made of high-quality sheepskin is how they feel. Premium sheepskin has a soft, silky feel that adds luxurious comfort whenever they are worn or displayed.

When comparing premium and low-end sheepskins, you will tell the difference by how it feels on your hand. The quality is firm, strong, and fairly thick but will still give you that soft, supple feel.


Now that you know all the major characteristics of premium sheepskin, it is time to get yourself the best and most luxurious sheepskin clothing and accessories from Therma Kota. Take a look at our collection of premium-grade sheepskin products that will leave you awestruck!