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Latin Dance Dresses Needs To Be Comfortable For Dancer Moves

There are many Latin dance like Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive etc and all needs to have its own kind of dress, but one thing that is common to all is comfort level. As dance involves body movements, and at no cost these movements be restricted or the dancer will not be able to perform gracefully and efficiently. So a great deal of Latin dance dresses depends on the way you wear clothes in particular dance, that also depends on the place it belongs to and tradition clothes of that place.

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Paso Doble is a Spanish dance move and requires Latin dance dresses matador, the cape and the flamenco. They have polka dots, long skirt etc. But if you talk about Samba dance it emphasize in bouncing movements. You have brightly colored feather with horsehair braid hem to your skirt. Similarly like dance dresses, dance shoes for women are completely different from what we ordinarily wear. All dance shoes both for women and men have a special non-slip sued soles in the arch for support.

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The shoes are generally light weight and are flexible making it easy for the dancer to perform all the moves with comfort and ease. They are simply made for dance. Some of the shoes have flat heels whereas the Latin dance shoes for women are 1-2 inch of heels. For women form is as important as function, and shoe style is varied depending on the dance category. Basic design has closed toes, heels in women shoes are slim or flared. Flared heels are usually for Latin dance category as they provide more stability when the body movement is made. If we talk about ball room dance then nude is the most common color. There are also black shoes colored or adorned with rhinestone.